Malayalee Association of Saint Louis

Upcoming Events

Summer Picnic

Join us to enjoy a Picnic day with family
On Saturday June 29
From 4:30PM
At Broemmelsiek Park
1795 Hwy Dd, Defiance MO 63341

Onam Celebration

Join Us with family to celebrate Onam
On Saturday September 21 2024
At Mahatama Gandhi Centre
From 3:30PM

Kerala Day

Join Us to celebrate Kerala Day
On Sunday November 3 2024
At Mahatma Gandhi Center
From 3:30PM

Merry Christmas And
Happy New Year

Join Us to celebrate Christmas And New Year with Family
On Saturday December 28 2024
At Mahatma Gandhi Centre
From 3:30PM

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About Us

The Malayalee Association of Saint Louis (STLMA) came into existence in 1991 to foster brotherhood and ties between all malayalees in the city of Saint Louis. The association seeks to preserve the North American Malayalee integrity and promotes Kerala cultural identity. Saint Louis Malayalee Association is comprised of over 300 Malayalee families.

The first recorded arrival of an Indian visitor to America (Salem, Massacchusetts) was on December 29 1790. Ever since, people from India have settled in the United States. The immigration Act of 1960 gave an impetus to this. According to the latest census, there are 1.3 million Indian Americans in the U.S of which around 500,000 are Keralites.Most of the Malayalees who arrived in Saint Louis area in the later part of the last century were employees in the medical profession or students who studied at Washu, SLU, UMSL or UMC. With the IT boom Saint Louis witnessed a steady inflow of Malayalee IT professionals.

Since its inception in 1991 the association has worked actively to uphold the following objectives:

  • Preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Kerala.
  • Celebrate major festivals of Kerala in St.Louis.
  • Provide occasions for members to socialize and network.
  • Provide a forum for members to demonstrate and share their cultural talents.
  • Organize and maintain a youth wing within the Association to promote the cultural heritage among our youth.
  • Promote friendship and cultural exchange with other Indian and American organizations.
  • Provide social service to the Malayalee Community and the community at large.

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